Sophie Authentique didn’t come to life overnight… Here is our story, or at least part of it. Sophie, her husband and a few friends first started by selling pastries and breads exclusively on orders, every saturday and sunday over 5 years ago to the people of south Jakarta. This delivery service ran for 3 years and clients kept asking where was our shop located. The answer was fairly easy, we did not have any.

One day, Sophie received a call from a friend who was about to leave Jakarta. She wanted to know if she knew anyone who would be interested to take over her lease for a 12 square meter shop in Jalan Kemang Selatan 1. Sophie said yes instantly without knowing what to do with this tiny commercial space.

After a few weeks it was obvious, a bakery in Kemang was missing. A month later the renovation started. The first shop was created, it was called Authentique.

The logo is a redesigned Eiffel tower, but it is also the first letter of Authentique. Unfortunately we could not register the name as it was too generic and already taken in Surabaya, with the following spelling, “authentik”. We then had to come back to the blackboard and do some brainstorming in order to find a new brand name.

A question you could ask yourself is: who is Sophie?

Sophie is a real person, she is a mother, a wife, a grandma, and also the founder. We also chose Authentique as a name because it is who we are and what we make. Following home-made recipes, coming from Sophie’s cookbook, family friends, and her own creation. On top of that, Authentique was easy to pronounce in French, English and Bahasa.

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