We sell fun, not just ice cream.

Baskin-Robbins, one of the biggest franchises in the world’s Ice Cream, a specialist in the Premium Ice Cream with a variety of flavors. Communities around the world have enjoyed a wide variety of treats Baskin-Robbins high value.

Baskin-Robbins himself was present in more than 7,000 locations in nearly 50 countries worldwide. Highest enthusiasts American countries, China and Indonesia.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream has many tempting flavors. Prospective buyers are also given the opportunity to taste the first taste of ice cream before ordering. Ice Cream choices ranging from single scoop, scoop up a triple double scoop. Here buyers are free to combine flavors of ice cream into cones, or Freshpack Cup. Taste like the taste ‘Choco mint’ is so sweet with flavors perfect mintnya can be combined with ‘Chocolate’ which has a sensation of bitterness, sweetness fitting and there are pieces that crispy choco chips plus a sense of ‘Jamoca almond’ sweet but almondnya tempting aroma and pieces. Or ‘Cookies n cream’ with the basic ingredients of Ice Cream ‘vanilla’ which is not excessive sweetness, her oreo too much and really is fixed. Choice is up to each buyer tastes.

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