24 Nov - 25 Nov 2018
10:00 - 22:00
Level 3

It’s back!
24-25 Nov 2018
Level 3 & 4

Fully supported by:
– Gunpla Exhibition by Multitoys
– Aniki Cosplay showcase
– Victory Toys
– Subjekt Zero

KAIJU-VERSE FESTIVAL 2018 (As a part of Animetoku Convention)
24-25 November 2018
At level GF

KAIJU-VERSE FESTIVAL is a family-oriented convention which caters to a wide variety of interests within the kaiju genre. K-Verse features presentations of collectibles and merchandise of all characters from the Japanese Godzilla films by years, fan gathering & presentations on topics of interest, contests and auctions, dioramas, new and classic kaiju movies screening, the Indonesian largest kaiju-oriented dealers room, kaiju-based sculptor & illustrator showcase, kaiju toys photography, and lots of fun

Consists of:
– Gigantic Scale of Godzilla’s & Kaiju’s Collections
– Godzilla’s History by Years showcase
– Godzilla’s Allied & Adversaries Collections
– Monstercalypse huge Godzilla Diorama
– Godzilla’s X-Plus Large Dioramas
– Godzilla’s SHM Dioramas
– Human Size Godzilla’s Photo booth
– 2.50m Height Godzilla’s papercraft statue
– Kaiju’s Remix showcase
– Godzilla’s Local Sculptors showcase
– Godzilla’s Art of Toys Photography
– Godzilla’s Art of Illustrations panel
– Pacific Rim’s Kaiju showcase
– On-stage Collectors & Community Talkshow
– On-stage Kaiju’s Toys Auction
– Godzilla Classic Movies screening
– Cosplay
– Largest Kaiju & Godzilla

Multitoys, Kirimintoy, Rifa & Riyo, Michael Hobby Shop, Toyzone, Kaijuverse Merchandise, Indonesia Art Toys (IAT)